Dear Colleagues,

The “1. International Istanbul Kodály Days” that is organized in cooperation with Marmara University and Hungarian Culture Center will be held at Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education Göztepe Campus between 9-12 October 2017. .

On these days, we will mainly study the music education approaches envisaged by the Hungarian composer and music pedagogue Z. Kodály for children music education in different disciplines. On the last day of our studies, we will discuss the past, present and future of children music education in our country via a panel and embrace the place and applications of the Z. Kodály children music education approach in our country.

This meeting that will be hosted for the first time by Marmara University in our country will gather everyone from different institutions in the academic and artistic environment and enable us to develop our scientific and social relations and culture of working together.

We hope that the trainings to be provided by expert artists and academicians from the Kodály Institute will bring different horizons, information and intellections in you in areas that will most likely awaken your interest in our scientific and educational program regarding children music education in our country.

We expect the participation and contributions of all colleagues and preservice music teachers from early childhood to secondary education and university to our education days and send our love and respect.

Prof. Dr. Sibel Çoban

General Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ercan Mertoğlu

Project Coordinator